Considering that world population is expected to reach 10 billion people by 2050, it will not be possible to meet that population’s food demand by means of organic or chemical fertilizers in declining agricultural lands.

Organomineral fertilizers offer the most ideal solution in respond to that need, as they maximize phytonutrient use efficiency and improve and enhance agricultural lands as well.

HEXAFERM, the first organomineral fertilizer brand made of compost from animal and plant origins, makes it possible for plants to consume organic substances and humic fulvic acids in its contents as well as phytonutrient elements in its structure; it also improves the soil structure, dissolves minerals bound to soil, balances its pH with elemental sulphur, and boosts a high quality crop development thanks to its trace elements.

Backed by a sustainable fertile farming concept, HEXAFERM aims at enhancing the productivity of agricultural lands which have become barren due to misuse and/ or overuse of fertilizers and to protect groundwater against further contamination.